Intuitive Music Aberdeen (photo by Graham Denyer)
Intuitive Music Aberdeen (photo by Graham Denyer)

Intuitive Music Aberdeen

Drostan's Calendar

Saturday 3 September 2022 • 7.30pm • Mannofield Church, Aberdeen

The ensemble Intuitive Music Aberdeen is pleased to present the first Aberdeen performance of a work for keyboards by Haworth Hodgkinson, inspired by the Book of Deer, a manuscript associated with Central Buchan, normally kept in Cambridge but visiting Aberdeen this year.

Remote Recordings

Over the past two years, during which Intuitive Music Aberdeen has been unable to rehearse or give concerts in person, we have been exploring methods of working remotely, devising pieces that we can play and record with the three of us in our separate locations. This brings technical challenges, not least that we hear each other with a delay, so we have created a number of pieces that exploit the rhythmic dislocation that this produces. Here is one of these pieces, called Remote 42. We recorded it on 28 July 2021, each of us playing instruments that we found in our kitchens in Mannofield, Lower Deeside and Central Buchan.

Remote 20 is another experiment in remote recording by Intuitive Music Aberdeen. It was recorded on 24 March 2021, with Mandy Macdonald playing metal tongue drum in Mannofield, Colin Edwards playing synthesiser in Lower Deeside and Haworth Hodgkinson playing bamboo chimes in Central Buchan. The three musicians were able to see and hear each other via internet links, albeit with a slight delay, and the three separate recordings were synchronised and mixed together.


Bennachie Sketch and Drostan's Calendar

Intuitive Music Aberdeen gave the world premiere of Haworth Hodgkinson's Bennachie Sketch at Leith Hall on 12 October 2019. Liz Knowles reviews the concert, which also included a performance of Drostan's Calendar.

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Cathedral at Noon: Nine Bronzes

Alan Cooper reviews the world premiere performance of Nine Bronzes by Haworth Hodgkinson, given by Intuitive Music Aberdeen at St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen, on 3 August 2019.

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About Intuitive Music Aberdeen

Intuitive Music Aberdeen is an ensemble specialising in music created by the performers in response to text or graphic scores or unconventional notations.

Performances range from sequences of short pieces including poetry to extended single pieces reflecting the seasons or the times of day.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a performance.

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