Cathedral at Noon

Intuitive Music Aberdeen

Saturday 21 March 2020 • 12 noon
St Andrew's Cathedral • 28 King Street • ABERDEEN • AB24 5AX

Cathedral at Noon

Admission free – donations welcome

Buffet lunch to follow


Haworth Hodgkinson: Bennachie Sketch (2019)

Haworth Hodgkinson: Prime Rant (2018)

Intuitive Music Aberdeen is pleased to return for another lunchtime recital at St Andrew's Cathedral, presenting two pieces by Haworth Hodgkinson.

Bennachie Sketch received its world premiere performance at Leith Hall last year. This is its first Aberdeen performance. The piece invites us to imagine spending 24 hours in the Forest of Bennachie, from 6am to 6am, although in performance 24 hours are compressed into about 24 minutes. The music calls for piano and two (electronic) organs, and all three players get to play each instrument.

The programme ends with Prime Rant, a short piece that gives us a chance to play in some odd rhythms. The piece is mostly in 13 beats to the bar, but for one section we slip into 11 beats and for another we play in a 17-beat rhythm.


Haworth Hodgkinson (keyboards)

Mandy Macdonald (keyboards)

Colin Edwards (keyboards)


St Andrew's Cathedral • 28 King Street • ABERDEEN • AB24 5AX


St Andrew's Cathedral Aberdeen

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