Cathedral at Noon

Intuitive Music Aberdeen premieres Sleeping on Ice by Haworth Hodgkinson

Saturday 2 March 2019 • 12 noon
St Andrew's Cathedral • 28 King Street • ABERDEEN • AB24 5AX

Sleeping on Ice

Admission free – donations welcome

Buffet lunch to follow


Hodgkinson/Macdonald/Edwards: Suzi's Dance (2019)

Haworth Hodgkinson: Sleeping on Ice (2019)

Intuitive Music Aberdeen is pleased to return to St Andrew's Cathedral for another lunchtime recital. This time we present the world premiere performance of Sleeping on Ice by Haworth Hodgkinson, as well as a short piece originally devised to accompany dance.

Sleeping on Ice is for multiple keyboards – two in this version – and live electronic processing, with the keyboard players following a very strict intuitive scheme, and the sound they produce picked up, modified and sustained by a third player operating the electronics.

Haworth Hodgkinson writes about the inspiration for the piece: I spend a lot of time watching the swans and ducks on the lake in the Pitfour estate near where I live, and the title of this piece relates to my observations of how they reacted and coped when most of the water froze over during a cold spell in early 2019. I was also thinking about human sleep: that phenomenon when it's too cold to sleep properly but you enter an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness and your awareness of the cold becomes entangled in hallucinatory dreaming.

The concert begins with Suzi's Dance, a new version of a purely acoustic piece for tenor recorder and percussion devised by Intuitive Music Aberdeen to accompany dancer Suzi Cunningham at the Aberdeen Occult and Avant-Garde Society in January 2019.


Haworth Hodgkinson (keyboard, recorder)

Mandy Macdonald (keyboard, percussion)

Colin Edwards (electronic processing, percussion)


St Andrew's Cathedral • 28 King Street • ABERDEEN • AB24 5AX


St Andrew's Cathedral Aberdeen

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