William Lamb Studio

Varied programme of ensemble pieces and solos

Friday 1 December 2017 • 11.30am–3pm
William Lamb Studio • Market Street • MONTROSE • DD10 8NB

William Lamb Studio

Admission free • Drop-in event • Refreshments available • Come and go as you please

The ensemble Intuitive Music Aberdeen plays a varied programme of solo and ensemble pieces, including music by members of the ensemble.

Programme including

Margaret Christie: Cluster of Pots (text by Elizabeth Burns)

Mandy Macdonald: Cirrus and Stars

Rebecca Dunn: The Bench

Rebecca Dunn / Haworth Hodgkinson: Untitled duo

Haworth Hodgkinson: Owls

Colin Edwards: Love is (text by e. e. cummings)

Mandy Macdonald / Colin Edwards: Haiku

Haworth Hodgkinson / Colin Edwards: Skara Brae

Margaret Christie's Cluster of Pots sets a poem by Elizabeth Burns, who died in 2015. The poem appears in A Potter, a Painter and a Poet, a book and DVD documenting Elizabeth Burns' collaboration with ceramicist Paul Tebble and painter Anne Gilchrist.


Colin Edwards (voice, guitar, bowed psaltery, percussion)

Haworth Hodgkinson (voice, recorders, percussion, melodica)

Mandy Macdonald (voice, recorders, keyboard, percussion)

Rebecca Dunn (voice, ukulele, harmonium, percussion)


William Lamb Studio • Market Street • MONTROSE • DD10 8NB


William Lamb Studio

Elizabeth Burns

A Potter, a Painter and a Poet

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